Thank You

Alot of effort, time, loving care goes into rescuing and rehoming the dogs of our community. A humane way of trying to maintain the dog population also giving some if these dogs a chance at having a loving and caring home to grow in, is an amazing chance. Huge thankyou to the front line workers who take on these animals as one of their own whether its by providing vet care, to immunizations or a guarantee of offering some nutritious dog food or connecting them with new homes. We’d like to take a moment to show our appreciation for this organization’s time, commitment and dedication. THANKYOU and keep up the great work!

Thank you doesn’t seem like enough these days.
We have a huge heartfelt thank you to send out to Jerry and Cheryl Wilson, Dianne Burlingham, Meg Schmitz, Lori Boguslaw, Maureen Hannah, Linda Schai, Liana Maloney, and an enormously huge thank you to Royane Sparrow for her unexpected donation which involved a shopping spree at Pet Planet in Saskatoon! We are so grateful to Wendy Fyrk for her continued dedication and support of our frontline rescue missions.
We are truly grateful for the donations that filled our truck to the brim. With over 25 puppies and 15 adult dogs coming into care in the last two weeks we were low on supplies. Thanks to this round of donations we are able to continue serving La Loche and surrounding communities when they need us the most.
Thank you

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